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Nov 9, 2022
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Hi All,
Would appreciate your advice. Below is the email from a client, who is changing from G Suite to Microsoft.

What are the best options to gain access to their GBP? And secondly with regards to the secondary email address below.

Many thanks in advance


We recently changed our business from Gmail to Microsoft. As you know, Google My Business requires a Google email address.

Most of our franchise owners were able to continue to log in using their original email addresses as we didn't delete the email addresses - just removed the licenses.

One of our franchise owners who owns 9 centres was not given the email passwords by the General Manager who left the business and as a result - is locked out of their GMB pages with the inability to reset the password as the email goes nowhere.

My question to you; If I enable the Google email addresses again to allow the reset password to be received- what threat does that cause their Microsoft accounts as they appear to be the same email addresses?
A Google email address is not required for GMB access, but there does need to be a Google Account (you can use existing company email addresses to register a Google Account).

Is the GM the only person at the company who had access to MS management dashboard?

They should be able to reach out to MS support in that case (unless the GM signed up for everything in their name and billing).

When you move from Google Workspace (where each user account is an email account and also a Google account) I am not sure if there is a process where you have to wind down those accounts so that they would be available to register again using the branded email addresses.
Can you clarify a bit, is the GBP under a free gmail account that you can't access? If so, you can request ownership of the GBP from Google, so you won't need to access the actual gmail.

Or, is the GBP was under a paid Google email account branded to the business, for example:

If it's a branded email then there is no distinction between Google and MS if you have access to in MS. GBP doesn't know/care about who the email service provider is.

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