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Dec 10, 2017
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Hi All,

Any thoughts on how chatbots can help the appeal of a Web page, by offering instant assistance or screening to visitors?

Would a visitor be more likely to engage with a Web site that has a chatbot?
Any experiences on this?
We tried it on our site and now offer it as a service due to the success we had. It's a great way to get/track leads and find common questions and needs of your customers.
I believe live chat facility is more useful, at the moment. But it depends on the use case.

For example, a speaker I heard was describing a company which provides tours of the Australian outback in the Northern Territory. They were always getting bombarded with questions from tourists around the world - "what's the weather, what should I wear, is it dangerous" and those kind of FAQ questions. They installed a bot to answer those questions and it saved a lot of time responding to emails.

Over the holidays I'm planning to trial two different platforms, this one has live chat and also chatbots at a higher price point:

The Pro plan with bots is beyond my current budget, but I haven't really looked at bot solutions, I am looking for something better for sales funnel to a real human.

This one doesn't have chatbots but the livechat free plan is pretty tempting, it's more an Intercom competitor: looks cool and came up on my radar because it now integrates with SalesIQ as part of Zoho One - which I am planning to roll out in a big way next year. This integratinon was recently announced:

Announcing integration with SalesIQ Zoho Blog

I can definitely see after-hours sales and tech support being very useful. In one demo someone complained but didn't give an order number, and it knew to reply straight away to ask for that information.

If this one can offer a sales workfow like Conversica | Convert more leads into opportunities at a lower price point, more inline with what Zoho users would expect to pay, then I would adopt it for sure. They already have their engine doing a bunch of different scenarios not just self serve, but a more smart interactive IVR, and training live agents.

I would say, don't just go for a cheap, obvious chatbot that treats the customer less human than they would like to feel, look to implement a high quality one, as part of a digital business plan including a well-oiled CRM that can just use bots as part of an omnichannel automated workflow. also works with Facebook.
any update? Very interested to see which chatbot tool you liked the most
I am part of a team working towards a new chatbot platform, and we are looking for the features that are missing from the existing systems. We have narrowed it down to the following, so it would be great if you can maybe vote on these or suggest your own:

A. Support private and secure communication (e.g. HIPAA)
B. Seamless coordination between chatbot and human agents
C. Collaboration between chatbots, e.g., one chatbot sends customers to another
D. Help in defining the logical flow of a chatbot, e.g., are user confused by a question?
feel free to use it's a free chatbox you can embed on your site via plugin(wordpress) or embedding a script.

on my experience adding a chatbox is an extension of contact us page but the main difference is that if you put someone to be able to jump in the moment a query or a potential customer is inquiring is that it's real time.

Usually a potential customer would go to your contact us page and then email their query if they can find the website email or submit via contact us form.

Now if you can assist that query via chatbox that's instant conversion.
Plus if the person manning that chatbox is offline the customer can still leave an offline message and the chatbox can be customize from WE ARE ONLINE ASK US! to WE ARE OFFLINE PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE.

hope this helps.

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