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Jul 22, 2013
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Not sure exactly where to post this, so please move it if needed.

I might be over thinking this or over simplifying it. In short, I'm reworking my list of how to check for duplicate google places pages. I'm doing this because increasingly I'm not finding the dupes in maps (yes, Linda, I'm using classic ;)). Wondering if anyone else is noticing a shift in how they are locating duplicates?

Here's a list I've compiled -
searching for places dupes:

  • Go into Adwords express, any unknown listings there?
  • Any info on live page doesn't match the dashboard

  • No "Respond" link for reviews when logged-in
  • Categories associated with G+ Local page that aren't in dashboard
  • Search Classic Maps
    • Search for business name
    • Search for variants of biz name, including old names and names of partners
    • Search for your business name + address
    • Search for your address, including addresses you may have occupied within the past decade
    • Search both with and without a suite number
    • Search for phone number, including all phone numbers used within the past decade
    • Search for main keyword and simple address
  • Search Google Plus - most commonly dupes found using biz name only, but check same as with classic maps jik.
  • Check Bing places - see if they have an address yet identified and search maps & plus

I'd really appreciate two things
1 - feedback about whether anyone else is finding maps increasing less effective for finding dupes
2 - any other tips for finding places pages dupes


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Re: Checklist for finding dupe place pages

Hi Margaret,

I think that's a great list you have created :)

The only thing I would do differently is separate the items that you use to find live duplicates versus the items that are used to identify hidden merged duplicates.

For example:

  • Any info on live page doesn't match the dashboard
  • No "Respond" link for reviews when logged-in
  • Categories associated with G+ Local page that aren't in dashboard
Those are all tactics to identify a hidden merged duplicate AKA dual claimed listing. In this scenario, there isn't a live duplicate page, it's internal (ie. two accounts with a claim on, and feeding the same single G+ Local page)
Re: Checklist for finding dupe place pages

One of the things I've had on my to-do list for over a month, since I got sick, is to write the mother of all mother dupe posts.

Maybe since I'm so backed up now and just barely starting to come back to life, I should think about breaking it down into a series or something cuz in my mind it's so giant it feels overwhelming to tackle.

But this post so far is great and covers a lot of ground.

Are you OK with me moving it to public since there is no private client info?

That way others can benefit from it and those that aren't in the private Pro forum can also maybe add to it?
Re: Checklist for finding dupe place pages

Margaret and I chatted via PM about moving this to public.

Her thought was that leaving in the Private Pro forum, some of the experienced Pros might share hacks or some private cool ways to search for dupes.

But I told her I think there are some serious pros that might have something to add on the public side, that aren't members of the private forums too and more importantly I think this thread could be helpful to more people in public.

So what I'm going to do it COPY it to public, but still leave in private so we can discuss either place. If any good general tips come up in private I'll move to public. But any insider tips we want to stay private (so loopholes don't get closed), we can keep in the back room.
OK this one moved to public for open discussion and off to tweet now.

The other post is still in the Private Pro forum as well.

Wanted to note that my 1st 3 dupe discovery passes are:

1) Search CLASSIC maps for phone number using this format (555) 222-3333

2) Zoom out to 5 city area on CLASSIC maps and search for name

3) Search CLASSIC maps for main keyword and simple address.
IE Dentist 123 Main Street Atlanta Ga *no suite.

Also wanted to add I really like Colan's suggestion that searching for live dupes and hidden merged dupes is somewhat different.

(FYI when I finally get around to publishing my huge dupe post that's in the works, I'll be sure to link to it here to tie it all up full circle.)

Thanks for starting this thread Margaret!
Great Post.

  • I have also pulled up things by using variations of the phone: 555-555-1212, (555) 555-1212, 5555551212.
  • Just typing in "Business Name + Google +" has pulled up old listings. Both of these have only resulted in finding something off a couple times, but every little thing helps.
  • Searching Official Business Names, DBA's, what they think there name is, etc...

Search for phone number, including all phone numbers used within the past decade
Interesting thread. Is the main purpose to find different variations of data sets a business may have used or just find possible conflicting Google listings? Or both?

I've always had success with just a few searches on Google maps (classic of course) using phone number and business name, then searching Google with [site: "query"] where the query is phone, business name, and/or address variations.

*(space after site operator above because of smileys)

Also, for those that may not know searching phone numbers with "xxx-xxx-xxxx" or "(xxx) xxx-xxxx" returns results with both formats and yield pretty much the same results. "xxx-xxx-xxxx" generally tends to return more because of the way Google works but you should be fine with either.
Hi Broland,

The reason I started the thread was largely to trigger a brainstorming session because of what I mentioned as a request for feedback - I'm increasingly finding standard maps (neither classic nor new) searches aren't finding duplicates the way they used to.

I'm looking to see if others are experiencing the same thing, and whether there might be a glaring gap in my processes that could explain (if it's just me) why maps isn't finding those dupes.

As a bonus, the thread creates a fairly concise reference point for people looking for hidden dupes and dupes in general that can be causing havoc with their business showing in the local pack.

Make sense?
Since Pigeon is hiding dupes now, the whole process has changed.

New info here:

<a href="">Advanced Tip for Google Local Troubleshooting & Duplicate Discovery</a>

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