Dec 12, 2013
I'd like to get the groups thoughts, but, what do you think constitutes an "A" grade in local citaitons. . . what number of correct citations do you think is "good enough"?

I'm using Brightlocal for my citation count, and I do a pretty good job of getting what they consider the top citations all done, and then I have a few hyperlocal ones I throw in there. . . I'm wondering what would be a good benchmark for saying "I think that the local citations are boosting the site" or "we have done what we could". When I have gotten 90% of the value from local citations?

Phil Rozek

Local Search Expert
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Jul 26, 2012
That depends on which listings you've squared away. As you know, some matter more than others.

If you've taken care of most of the listings I mentioned here...

(And you've got all the big ones, like YP and Yelp and the data-aggregators.)

...and if on top of those you've gotten 5-10 industry-specific listings, I'd give you an "A."

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