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Sep 12, 2018
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For example i have built 100 citations to a website that have the same NAP and duplicate descriptions that match the NAP of GMB. Should i update any of the additional information of each citation? Are there any other quick wins i can do to increase GMB listings? Has anybody had any success/ROI with GMB posts?
It might be worth updating the citation description to include more unique content.
I don't believe this is a good use of time. It's perfectly normal for a business to have 1 description of it's services (you wouldn't expect Coke or Nike to have different descriptions or versions of it's story - it's all about brand consistency). There is also very limited evidence for the benefit of using different descriptions.

So you should focus on other optimisation areas. Google Posts are certainly worth making use of - not time consuming and as Colan showed there is some evidence of impact.
I would make sure that each listing has enough info to drive users to call the business or go to the site and then focus on your site. Start making sure that you have well optimized pages that encourage users to call or use the contact form. A lot of the ROI from local search comes from on-site optimization.
Great advice guys. Shout out to Myles and Rosie at Bright local. My agency has been using your services for many years with great customer support!:)

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