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Oct 22, 2013
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I am doing edits on directories for a business that changed it's name (thank goodness for citation finder on!!). Some of the directories have the old name in the URL (can't change the url). Does having the name in the url in the directory confuse google? is still picking these citations up as an old citation after I update the citation with the new business name.

Is it something I should be concerned about?
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Hey Bishop. We've seen the same thing on many citations we have fixed after a name change. In my opinion it's a good thing that the URL doesn't change. Rather than a new URL that Google has to discover, the NAP information at the existing URL is updated which should help Google understand the name change.

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As Darren said, it is actually for the better that the URL doesn't change in the majority of the cases. However, there are two other, a little more worrisome, cases where some of the following happens:

- After you claim/update the listing, the URL changes and the old URL permanently redirects to the new URL - this is also fine, although probably not as fine as not changing the URL at all;

- After you claim/update the listing, the URL changes and the old URL "locates" nothing, i.e. it leads to a 404 page - this is generally bad, because of the reason Darren mentioned and because business directories that deal with updated pages in this way are full of dead pages; I would urge every business directory webmaster to STOP doing things this way - it is a lose-lose scenario.

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