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Just for kicks and to beat a dead horse I thought I would provide an update. So I still haven't done anything that I would consider a ranking factor to anything and the rankings continue to improve.

I wanted to know if there would be a drop off over time, but two months later things seem good still. I am using this tactic for some clients and they are seeing similar results. So this won't rock your world but I think it deserves a spot on a list of things to do for clients.

I really like the suggestion to build this concept into a "Review Us" page or a page showcasing reviews from multiple sites and then linking to your un-indexed citations in some of the copy as you ask for reviews or point people in the direction of where to find your business reviews.

As of 2-22-19:
What is interesting to see is that at a certain point, the green 3 stays constant at the center point while the surrounding areas got better over the last three months. If you were checking with a regular one spot rank tracker near the business location, you would never see any of that improvement happening.
Is this strategy still working today after 5 years? Shall we try this on some of our clients as it is a 5-year-old thread?

Matt, I haven’t personally tested this again lately since Citation value has dropped beyond the major ones and those are usually more readily indexed from what I see. The tools used to check indexing are not the same but there are ones out there still like indexchecker. Indexmenow I believe is the name of one I have had success with for getting backlinks in general indexed. Might be worth starting there vs going with the approach here for quick turn around. If you do try please update us on how it works. All the best!

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