Apr 11, 2013
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I consult for a law firm (let's call it Rosenberg & Dalgren, LLP) and they are headquartered in a fairly large building.

They allow some smaller independent law firms and attorneys who work in non-competing practice areas to sub-lease office space in their building.

They also have two other non-legal businesses that sub-lease as tenants.

So when you look at citation data for the address Rosenberg & Dalgren's building is located at (it's a pseudo business name btw - I'm under an NDA), it appears alongside the businesses (tenants) that sub-lease from them at the same address. There is no differentiation via Suite # or Floor, because there aren't suites at the building and it is only one floor.

For instance, a search of my client's business' street address in Infogroup will return:

5 Results For That Address:

Rosenberg & Dalgren, LLP
1234 Apple Dr
Richmond, VA 23173
(555) 555-1111
**this is my client's law firm and is the owner of building -- occupies 90% of building space**

Law Office of Don P. Watts
1234 Apple Dr
Richmond, VA 23173
(555) 555-2222
**this is a sub-leasing tenant**

Genome Research Co.
1234 Apple Dr
Richmond, VA 23173
(555) 555-3333
**this is another sub-leasing tenant**

ACME Home Security, LLC
1234 Apple Dr
Richmond, VA 23173
(555) 555-4444
**this is another sub-leasing tenant**

Josh Reinstein, Esq
1234 Apple Dr
Richmond, VA 23173
(555) 555-5555
**this is another sub-leasing tenant**

My questions are these:
  1. Does sharing the same Address with multiple sub-leasing tenants affect my client's local SEO? I am assuming it does!
  2. Would it be in my client's best interest to remove the citation listings of the tenants that use identical street addresses? In other words, politely ask them to remove their local citations from citation providers?
  3. What is the best way to handle this?

Thanks for any advice and insights! We want to make sure the owner of the building (my client - Rosenberg & Dalgren, LLP) does not suffer in local search rankings because their tenants are muddying their citation profile with search engines!



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Jul 19, 2012
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This is certainly not a problem if all the different businesses are using different phone numbers. If it was a problem, all businesses in every business building, mall, business park, etc, in the world were going to be having problems with tangled data :)
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