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Sep 7, 2021
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I have a business that does jewelry appraisals and also brokers jewelry liquidations. I have moved from an office location where I was the lease holder to sub-leasing a space that has an existing business. That business has a GMB account and is in the local Google box. I have tried, several times, to get a verification post card sent to the new address to change my address but have not received one.

I haven't been notified that I cannot receive a verification postcard, just nothing happens, I'm in limbo. I cannot update any information or answer customer questions on my GMB account because I'm not verified. The old address still shows up in the local box. Luckily, we are by appointment, so it hasn't been too much of a problem yet but it will be if people start showing up. It's happened once and they left a negative review but I was able to get Google to remove it because they came after regular business hours.

I use the new location for appointments but also travel to see clients all over the surrounding areas, not usually more than a two hour drive. Most of my business is within a 30 minute drive and about 50% is at the new location.

Since Covid started, my business took a big hit and is barely starting to turn around. As of recent, I rank #1 in the local search box for a few good keyword terms and I get a decent amount of business. It is my understanding I need to:

1) Change to a service area business because sub-leasing does not qualify for verification.
2) Enter my home address as the address (which I absolutely don't want published)
3) List the areas which I do business for the service area.

My concern is that I will lose my ranking (as I've read on this forum and others). I can't afford lose a few months of business at this time. What should I do?
haven't been notified that I cannot receive a verification postcard, just nothing happens, I'm in limbo.

Have you tried contacting GMB support to ask them to help you get verified? I would do that 1st. If you have the authority to use that location and its your official business address then you should be fine.

I have definitely seen and heard of cases where switching from a visible address to a hidden address has caused decrease in visibility. However, the actual changing of the address itself is more likely to have a visibility impact.

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