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Feb 22, 2021
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We are working with a client who currently has a GBP with his home address. For some reason, Google unverified the GBP. The business owner completed the video verification of his GBP. The profile is now verified, but it is still not showing up in SERPs. It says that Google is processing your verification, which may take up to 5 days. Interestingly, I checked the business's GBP dashboard, and the address is not hidden despite being a home address.

Now, the client is moving his business to a new brick-and-mortar location. The owner himself had a conversation with GBP support, who suggested creating a new GBP for the new location, verifying it, and then merging the old one with the new GBP.

Is this the right way to move forward? How do we deal with the address displayed in his current home-based GBP?
Hey Matt,

If Google randomly unverified his listing it sounds like he might have gotten a soft suspension. Which in that case you would have to go through the reinstatement process. However, if you are already in the process of verifying the listing, I would wait and see how this plays out before you do anything else.

When you are soft-suspended, you will lose the ability to edit the listing, which could be why you are unable to edit the listing's address as it is right now. I would say wait and see what happens with the verification, and if it gets approved, change the address to the new location. You will have to re-verify that location again anyway, as it is changing the address.

If the listing does not get approved for verification, you can try to reinstate the listing through the reinstatement process just so that you have ownership of the listing. Once you have ownership, you can merge it or use the moved feature through customer support. Either one you choose should give you the same result.

Hope this helps,

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