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Sep 25, 2018
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Anyone here manage a location that is a person? Like a local or regional celebrity? Curious about claiming their online space. I find some 'local artists' that 'get big' end up having Wikipedia pages and their hq has a local office, on GMB. They have Facebook pages, are searchable on Apple maps. I've been asked to take on a musician but haven't done it before. Its similar to LocalSEO just with a few additions, right? Would love to hear from anyone managing such clients
Hey @iwritewebcopy Google used to have G+ Brand pages that were designed for artists such as musicians. But those left this world with G+.

Music instructors qualify for a GMB page but a musician is a different beast, unless of course they offered music lessons. I think where a musician falls outside of the GMB realm is the fact that they aren't really a "local" entity. I would focus on building authority through traditional SEO, videos, social media..etc.
In addition to what @Colan Nielsen said, if the entity is prominent enough to have a claimable knowledge panel, be sure to take action on that!

A bit late to the party, but do you @freerunr have any experience claiming knowledge panel for your clients? I have a client who is eligible, but I need some advice on that. Thanks
Sorry @DavidB, I actually haven't done it myself. However, now that you ask, I'm going to be speaking with a friend tomorrow who I noticed has one that is unclaimed, so I'm going to ask him if I can do it for him to try it out!

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