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Sep 14, 2018
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Hi Guys,

I'm experiencing a classic consultant problem. I advise a marketing agency on their own agency's SEO. So far I've had a great tenure with them, had them for a year and a half. They have seen a large improvement in their search rankings and their traffic and KPI's look great!!

Saying that, the intensity of the SEO has tapered off. A large part of this is that in our agreement, the agency is responsible for contributing content. And this is where I'm experiencing stalls.

This agency has a good problem, the CEO has recognition and a strong network so contributorship/guest posting opportunities are easily acquired. Most of our outreach is welcome and accepted. However the agency can't keep up with content demands and we're not able to get content pieces out to these publications to guest post.

Right now we are averaging a content piece every month and a half. This pace also includes the agency's own blogging efforts. Obviously this cannot keep up with on site content needs while also growing offsite.

I've tried the following:
  • Showing how many publications and editorials have expressed interest in the agency contributing content (attempt to excite and invigorate the agency)
  • Showing that Referring Domains is starting to drop (Scare them into getting content out)
  • Suggesting hiring content writers to help - (Agency says that they are a little picky and don't want to outsource just yet)
This is a great client and one that I really like working with, but I feel that my ability to influence their growth is seriously being stalled by content, so I'd love to get some tips on how you've gotten clients to do their homework specifically on the content side

Jason Khoo
If I was in your position, I'd shift to link building efforts. You can also look at updating older content that gets tons of traffic but is out-dated. This often takes WAY less time than writing a new piece.
Jason, you could also look into ghostwriting content for them as well. Then all they have to do is approve it. Either do it yourself or outsource it.
You might need to have a firm, direct conversation with the decision maker here. That's honestly your best bet. But that conversation is nuanced and can be difficult to nail. But still, that's my suggestion.

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