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Nov 28, 2018
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Would anyone recommend a study they've seen that estimates click thru rates for positions in the Local Pack, on mobile/desktop, for a variety of different searches?

I'd also be interested to know what percentage are clicking on 'More places' - and then when they get through to the Local Finder, how the clicks are split there.

Not sure such data exists or is even possible to generate - but thought i'd ask all the same!

All I've found is this thread in this Forum Another New Local 3 Pack Click Through / Heat Map Study - Mike Ramsey - Local Search Forum and this article on BrightLocal Local Services Ads Click Study: Where Do People Click on Local SERPs?

Many thanks,
Nathan just, "Follow the Yellow Brick Road"...
The Great and Powerful OZ will let you know....
Nathan, that's nowhere to be found, and if you find it, it's probably a lie.
I can riddle you this though: "If you ever want to hide a dead body, hide it in the "more places" section. They will never find it. I'm playing my friend... In all seriousness, 0% "More Places" unless they are searching for you personally.
I love it, thanks for this Steven12, I guess there always will be more questions than answers. Well, the right answers anyway.
One criticism I've read about the BrighLocal survey is that they used microworker - paid people to do searches - very different than someone actually looking for a divorce lawyer - or a plumber that's actually going to visit their home.
While that may be true (I have no idea), it's the best data we have and using microworkers wouldn't skew it so bad to the point that it isn't worth using. Sure it may be off +/- 10% but there would still be valuable insights to gain from it.
Thanks for the tag, Joshua!

Appreciate the feedback dunkinbbb! We used Mechanical Turk to replicate search conditions, but of course, nothing is as accurate as Google's own search data. I wish I did have access to their data, but for now, this is the best I can do :)

And Nathan - hope the study is useful! If we run a similar study in the future, I'm hoping to include mobile data too, as well as looking beyond San Francisco.

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