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Apr 21, 2014
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Hi all,

I'm scratching my head over this one. Any idea why this company (Sugar Hollow Solar, Fairview, NC) does not show up in the map pack or under "more places" for terms like "solar installers," even when you zoom in to their actual location on Google Maps?

They are doing okay organically -- they rank fifth for solar installers in organic listings in the metro area (Asheville, NC). And they show up fine when you search for the company name.

There are only a few competitors in the area, and the client is located right outside of town, but they don't even rank in their immediate area. Perhaps there is something obvious that I'm overlooking!
Hi Rich,

Interestingly they are first for "solar installers fairview nc"

Since this is an SAB, should the address not be hidden? Address appears to be residential. Not saying this is the ranking issue, but worth correcting if needed.

Part of the problem could be that Google just doesn't have enough information about the business to have a high trust level. There are a lot of incomplete or non-existent listings on some of the important sites -

Hi Colan,

They are not home-based. They have an office that is regularly staffed. But I wonder if I should list them as SAB only. I can't imagine many customers come to them.

That search is so weird. Before Google pulled the plug on search location, if I set it to Fairview, they did not show up. And if I search from Asheville and then move the map and zoom in on their road, I see "Back to web results for solar installers...
There are no results here. Try searching in a different location."

Yes, they do have some NAP issues -- they moved and changed their name in the last year. I set them up on Moz Local in late October, so that info is trickling out. And I've been doing lots of manual cleanup too.
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I agree. And it's worse when it's a move + rebrand!

I will mull over the SAB idea. Thanks for chiming in.

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