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Aug 9, 2012
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Linda - hi! somehow I forgot to log out of my own account when I claimed a new clients listing for them. now it's listed in my own account - yikes - what now? do i delete and start over?? help..
Oh dear. Hmmm. Let me think. I have never moved an account and if this was a long standing account it could be problematic. But if you just claimed and it's not ranking or showing reviews yet, is probably OK.

But again I've never done it. I've seen recommendations on the G forum let me see if I can find instructions there or at Mike's. It just seems to me someone posted specific steps you should take in a certain order and I THINK I know what they should be but give me a minute and let me see if I can find the instructions.
Sorry I can't find any good current instructions.

I was thinking there was a specific order you should do things in. Here are very limited G help docs.

<a href="">Transfer your listing between Google Places accounts</a>

I guess it makes sense to 1st hit delete from my account (not maps) on the current listing, to release it. Then claim in the client account. (Even though it will show as already claimed for awhile.) In one of the posts I read that doing this may end up creating a dupe but if the NAP is identical then they should merge back together.

Anyone had to do this lately or have any better tips?

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