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Sep 16, 2018
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I noticed yesterday that one of my clients GMB listings was suspended. In the info tab it say "Your listing has been suspended due to quality issues." The listing still shows up online, but appears to be unverified at the moment.

This is for a used car dealership, and after looking over the possible causes of suspension, I have no idea why it was suspended.

The ONLY thing I can sort of come up with is the the business owner had set the dealership with a 100 mile service area. It's not a service-area type business, but a car dealership with a building and a physical location, so I made this adjustment in the listing.

I also submitted an appeal and am waiting to hear back on the appeal. I am new to this forum and am hoping to learn from the experienced users here.

Below is the info I'm supposed to include. Thanks for any input!


Name, address, phone (as listed in dashboard): 4732 N 2nd St, Loves Park, IL 61111, (779) 210-2907

Verification date: More than a year ago when the business opened.
The listing still appears to be verified. Can you double-check with the other managers on the account to see if it also shows up as suspended for their accounts as well?

Also, were there any other listings in your account that got suspended or just this one?
Just this one listing in my account was suspended.

I guess when I say it seems 'not verified', I mean that it has the question 'do you own this business?' back on the listing. But it still shows up under my dashboard, and I was able to make a change to it.
I'm not seeing the "own this business" icon on the listing you linked to.

FireShot Pro Screen Capture #2335 - 'hall of fame auto sales loves park il - Google Search' - ...png
Ummm... you are right. That has changed since this morning. In fact AS I AM TYPING THIS, I just went back in to my GMB listing and the suspension notification was removed!

Perhaps my appeal took care of the situation?? I didn't think it would be that easy. Here's a screenshot I took on my phone inside the GMB app about 5 minutes ago.

Screenshot_20180925-145646_Google My Business.jpg
Sounds like an accidental suspension. I've received one of those before. Good news is yours appears to have been resolved pretty quickly! :cool:
Yes... two minutes ago I received an email from Google saying my case was reviewed and "The suspension of your listing has been lifted and the listing will be live on Google Maps within the next few days."

Sorry to even have posted this! Weird timing. Laugh.

I guess my question changes to: how would an accidental suspension like this just happen? Is it possible a complaint against the listing could cause that? Or is it just 'unknowable'?
You can ask them - they might tell you. In my case it was related to a bunch of failed posts one-after-another.

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