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Dec 12, 2013
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Hi all,

I realize this is pretty specific, but, thought I would see if anyone has experience with this.

I had a client that did something stupid. They had a My Business page in one town, and then they created a second My Business page in another town. As a result, the original page got delisted as spam.

We went through the process to create and re-verify the original page again, but, it is stuff in verification. Mutliple calls to Google have revealed that they have a technical issue with this listing, and that they are working on it.

It has been about two weeks. The client wants to create an all new listing (to replace the original). I fear that creating an all new listing will probably make the situation worse.

My question is:
- any experience with My Business issues that have been escalated to the tech team, and what kind of turnaround do you typically see?

- I don't think they should create a new listing as this will exacerbate the problem - do you are agree?

any help would be much appreciated. The client has been without a My Business page for like a month now and is flaming mad (even though it was their fault).
"We went through the process to create and re-verify the original page again"

What about the original page and the 2nd page. Were they both removed from dash?

"have a technical issue with this listing, and that they are working on it."
Is a standard catch-all phrase that sometimes I think means: you broke the rules, so we are not going to jump through hoops to fix it right away. (Just IMHO, could be wrong.)

Yes I agree creating a new page would be a bad move.

Remind him too, it's the Holidays and 1/2 or more I think of Google, take the entire Holiday off, so any approval or engineering support is going to be slower. Then after they start coming back on 1/5 they'll be backed up for a week with problems in the Q before yours.

Think you need to wait til the week of January 11th and see if anything is resolved, then try support again.
I agree with Linda here as I had almost this exact situation. We had a client that hired a social media team that refused to give them access at the end of their contract. Long story short, they created a duplicate and tried to have us delete the original. Google gave us the "there is a technical problem..." line and said it would take 2-3 weeks and on day 22 the old listing was ready to claim.

In short, based on my experience when Google says to wait it's in the best interest of everyone. It is difficult to wait and miss out on traffic in the short-term but in the long-term it's best to do things their way so you can minimize further verification issues.

I would explain to the client that Google has a very set and particular way of doing things but as long as you play by their rules you are usually rewarded. I hope this was helpful!
So true and well said Michael.

Happy New Year!
Just following your lead, Linda! Happy New Year to you as well!

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