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Sep 3, 2014
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One of my clients has an odd situation.

The web development agency that they used to use has a copy of the client's old website in their "portfolio" in a "live" version that can be navigated, and they have the client's former office NAP info listed on every page in that portfolio version of the client's old site.

The client has politely requested that they remove the NAP info, or else remove the live version altogether, but the former agency has refused to do so.

I wouldn't worry about this except that the portfolio version of the site shows up in SERPs for branded searches, and at least one person has recently told the client that they found the (wrong) address that way and drove there, wanting to meet with the client.

I could provide the URLs for the client and for the portfolio pages.

What else can my client do? Leave negative online reviews, I suppose. Anything else?

All suggestions are welcome.
Not sure about this for this situation, but I've had some success getting stuff taken down by issuing a DCMA notice to the hosting company. You could say it's a dupe of their site that has wrong info and is violating copyright. ??? :confused:

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