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Jul 18, 2012
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So here's the long and the short of it. Client had a handful of duplicates. For about 9 months now I've been working on getting them deleted. We've had various merges taking place and all kinds of crap. It's been a real joke to deal with to say the least. Google drives me NUTS.

I got everything cleared up to the point they had their one main listing and all was good..except we had one nagging duplicate out there. After a couple trouble shooter requests the duplicate got deleted but then suddenly the main listing went into review mode. I've been pinging the listing a couple times per day for the last few days hoping it would kick out of review and go live but no such luck.

My client sent a trouble shooting ticket to Google because he's fed up and he got a response. They apologized but said they would need to review the listing...duh...we already knew that. The rep told him to be patient and that they'll review it as soon as possible. That was 2 weeks ago.

Has anyone else run into this? What causes a random "review?" More importantly, is there anything I can do at this point to get this listing to go live?

Travis Van Slooten

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Linda...can you move this to the public forum. Sorry about that. I have my default login to your forum set to the private area.

Is there a way to delete a post? I tried to just delete this post and post a new one in the public forum but didn't see a delete option.



Yes, same issue for a HVAC client of mine. Sort of a similar horror story with dupes here and there, finally get it down to one, etc. The twist on this one, though, is that I decided to keep the address visible as they are located 1) in an industrial park, 2) there is someone there during business hours, and 3) people do come there to see them - albeit the actual service is not performed there (I was actually sitting there this week when someone came in to make an appointment to have service done.)

I also merged it with Google+ page (...and Google even expedited the verification on their own... I was not sent a card, but rather a nice email telling me they had taken care of it.)

So I guess the two wonky things about this listing is that I had a service business with a visible address AND it was merged.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago this listing went into review. Couldn't find hide nor hair of it on Google. Couldn't even find it in Maps. Thinking it might be the visible address for service issue, I went into the dashboard and hid the address again. Within a few days, though I could find it in Maps, it still wasn't showing up in any listings. I poked the listing a couple of times and, lo and behold, I started seeing it appear again in the listings, though not for all of the keywords it had been before.

Just checked the dashboard today... the listing is still showing as Pending / Being Reviewed with the message... this listing needs to be reviewed further before appearing on Google. Please allow several weeks.

...yet it is appearing in Google.

I haven't tried contacting Google about it, thought I just might wait a bit more to see how it plays out.
Thanks Colan!

Sorry Travis, I missed your request to move this to the public forum. PM me if you ever need a thread moved or deleted to be sure I see it.

I had posted this to you over at Mike's...

Travis, there seem to be a lot more pending review problems just in the past 2 weeks or so. Lots of consultants at the G forum and here are reporting LOTS of listings suddenly going pending. (Search my forum for ‘pending’ and you’ll see lots of reports, even by good consultants like Colan who I know are pretty careful about avoiding known violations.)

I have not gotten enough evidence to form a firm conclusion, but I’m thinking maybe the dial got turned too high on some new unwritten rule or possibly something buggy? Not sure yet.
@Don, Colan, and Linda:

Thanks for insights and information. I'll take a closer look at this listing to see what might be causing a review. I've looked at it a few times and didn't see anything "off" but I'll check again.

I guess my main question than is this...aside from trying to clean up the listing (assuming any cleaning is necessary), there isn't much I can do to expedite the review process, correct? I just wanted to make sure there wasn't some technique besides poking to help this along.


Travis Van Slooten
No a poke is all you can do. But I would not OVER poke. I see SMBs saying "I poked my listing 3 times a day and nothing helped". I think that's over-doing AND it COULD BE that when you poke it sends you to the back of the line. (Not sure.)

So if it were me I think I'd try ONE poke in case that pops it out of review. If not, wait.

Again I'm seeing more pending than normal so think somethings up but don't know what yet. Will try to remember to come back to this thread if I figure anything out.
Hi Linda, Travis, Colan,

This problem of Google really gets FED-UP.
I have few of my clients whose listing goes under review that to of without any proper reason. I have checked the listing information myself and in all the ways but didn't found any reason or any help from Google.

Also Linda I appreciate your point of poking the listing. I usually poke the listing once in a 15 days. This also lets Google have time. But as no results shows that Google is full of poked businesses and don't have time to review them.


Pankaj Kumar
Same thing happened to my clients 2 listing..I posted on my other thread..

I merged with google plus local..worked great for a month after verifying..then it is under review..

The worst thing is Google manually verified two listings(Client got email from Google saying they verified Google Plus Local manually and don't need postcard)...

It's been more than 2 weeks..still under review(one listing show up in B spot, now it is on 12th spot)..

I hope it is a bug..

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