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Dec 4, 2013
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Hi all, was wondering if I could crowd-source an opinion for a client project I've been working on. Personal injury lawyer with 2 offices, have been in snack pack for years.

In between September 9th and 16th all of their local rankings for one of their locations basically dropped off, at least according to Brightlocal.

I understand that there was a major Core update launched on or around September 24th, 2019, but the drop-offs started before the update launched from what I can see.

I've gone through practically everything I can think of. I've done a full link review for potentially harmful links, I've run a full duplicate content check, I've reviewed all citation data (they use Yext to manage their listings and no major issues found, in addition to manual spot-checks through Whitespark and manually searching for phone #) , I've looked at lost and new links on or around that time, reviewed Google My Business title, address, name phone #, categories and on-page, etc. and I can't quite put my finger on what could be causing the problem. I did notice that some of their competitors with fewer reviews, less authority started climbing the rankings I believe based on proximity, or because my client dropped off because of an issue I can't quite put my finger on.

Has anyone noticed any similar local drop-offs in early or mid-Septmeber, before the Core Update launched?

The one elephant in the room...the client launched a micro site with practically no authority. I asked the client to not list firm address or phone number on the site, but the law firm name is on every page of the site and I'm wondering if their brand name being tied to a site with little or no authority might affect local rankings?

Let me know if anyone has any thoughts, thanks.

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