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Jul 26, 2013
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I have several clients whose reviews are suddenly disappearing. These are legitimate reviews that were written by customers. None of these clients had any more than 2 to 3 reviews written per month and the most any of these clients had was six reviews on their site. Anybody else experiencing the same problem?
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Hey Ralph,

Care to share a link to the G+ Local listing? That would help us troubleshoot.

I haven't seen an abnormal amount of reports of this happening lately.
Hi Ralph,

Do you have a specific review system you're giving them to follow?

Are the reviews just G+ reviews or other review sites as well?

Did your clients enter them or all entered by their customers?

Like Colan mentioned, a link would help most in determining what's going on.

Colan took the words right out of my mouth. If I had been around that's exactly what I would have said. (Great minds think alike!) :p
Here's a link to my clients site,

This client had five reviews three disappeared this last week and left the remaining two. One of the reviews remaining is from myself the other one is from somebody unknown. All of the reviews were for just Google + and were entered by the clients customer and not by my client.

I have not given any specific instructions for my client to get reviews except simply ask their clients for a review. However, I am in the process of putting together a single sheet that outlines how to write a review that is specific to my clients business.

I have four other clients that have also lost reviews this past week.

Thanks for your help
Hi Ralph -

You or the client didn't happen to make copies of the reviews before they disappeared did you?

(I try to do this not just for instances like this but also to use on the Client's website Testimonials page)

Do you or the client know who left the reviews - maybe your client can contact them and see if they were deleted from their acct and if other reviews they've left were deleted as well.

Only things I can think of are (1) bug in the system (which Colan and Linda have not seen lately with reviews disappearing) or (2) Reviews did not meet Guidelines/looked spammy and were manually removed.

A copy of the reviews would help determine.

When were the reviews posted? Could the velocity have raised a red flag by not having any reviews at all and then 5 in a month or so?

Saw that InsiderPages has 4. Know if they had more before? BrightStar Care - Racine

In addition to the client Joy asked about, have a florist as a client as well?

From what I found, these are the people who left the reviews that got filtered: and both made posts about BrightStar and Lifetime Door. So it looks fishy.

Also unless Ralph has actually been a customer of BrightStar, he isn't supposed to be reviewing them either. His review will probably end up getting filtered too.
Also unless Ralph has actually been a customer of BrightStar, he isn't supposed to be reviewing them either. His review will probably end up getting filtered too.

Took the words right out of my mouth.
Linda: those 3 reviews could be the reviews that were deleted, I just don't know, as far as Lifetime Door I don't know anything about them.

Yes I wrote a review for Brightstar. I know Jack personally and am well aware of his services. My mother back in the 80s had Alzheimer's and towards the end of her life she did not know or recognize any of the people she loved. I just wish that there would have been an organization like Brightstar to help take care of her back then. So that was the basis for my review and I was sincere about what I wrote.

Linda how are you able to identify who these deleted reviews were from?

I found a way to find filtered reviews if they were filtered recently. I don't want to post about it though because I don't know if it is supposed to happen and don't want it "fixed". In my opinion, your reviews were filtered because the 2 users reviewed the same 2 businesses, in the same time frame and never reviewed anyone else before or after so it doesn't look natural.
I didn't really find anything unusual about the 3rd one. However, I can't see what account it's registered to, where it was posted from, or what activity they have on their profile b/c it's not all public.
Anyone determine what exactly is going on? I also have several clients who had LEGITIMATE reviews deleted/filtered out over the last couple of weeks. These are real reviews from real customers that vanished into thin air. These are businesses that are not exactly tech savvy and getting those reviews from customers was like pulling teeth. These business owners put in a lot of effort to get these reviews and now they have vanished. Very, very frustrating.

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