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Jul 21, 2014
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I've got a brand that has a separate name, phone number, and website. I created a brand page for it in G+ with no address listed since I'm not trying nor does it qualify for its own local page.

But I want to rank organically for local related terms and include all of the pertinent info on the site.

Should I only include the city, state and not include the physical address just to be on the safe side? Would including the address cause a potential issue (not formally but just confusing Google) for my main page/site?

Going to a more complicated level, I wonder if I could add the new brand to Freebase, connected to the company and specify the brand website there - establishing a clear link to the company, who has its own official website and a link to its GMB page.

And then mark up with schema. Doing my best to scream to Google what the relationship is but that this site is not the official site for my company.
I'm a little hazy on this one Lloyd.

Are you saying it IS a local business - like Joesconstruction . com (which has a GMB) but they have a 2nd site called fencebuildier . com that you only want to rank in organic? And it's part of the same business and at same location so would not qualify for a 2nd GMB? Do I have that right?

Doesn't all this apply to your question or are you asking something else?
<a href="">Warning: Multiple Websites Cause Problems with Google+ Local</a>

If I'm off track, please use an example similar to above to help illustrate.

If I'm on track, then I think I'd only have city in readable text.

Freebase Q: Don't know much about Freebase, but I don't think I would mention the main site or try to draw a connection. (Not, sure, just gut feeling.)
Yeah, I forgot about that thread specifically although remember it as that lead to my concern.

I wonder though if the name is completely different does it have the same impact? My presumption is no. There are many businesses that share addresses (legitimately) and if the names are distinct I would hope that Google can differentiate.

That leads to an organic SEO question of whether having a specific address carrier more weight than just city, state.

An address certainly helps make the connections to citations (and GMB), but I'm not sure as it relates to organic. My guess is to play it safe we could just use city, state but could also use schema, maps, etc. for an extra boost.

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