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Nov 16, 2015
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Hi Guys,

I'm struggeling with the local ranking of a dental practice in Amsterdam.

The company moved a while ago from this address to this address.

At the old address (in Google maps), the company is still visible, but it's not a duplicate GMB (when you click on the company it shows the new, correct address). Could this be an issue?

The company is ranking organically around position 10/11 for the main keyword 'tandarts amsterdam' in Google NL (translation 'dentist amsterdam'), but is not ranking locally in the top 100..

I've cleaned up most of the citations (especially the important ones). Any ideas?:)
Re: Company moved, still visible at old adress

I don't understand... I think I'm missing something here.

Here's the GMB profile:
Here's the map maker entry: Google Map Maker

There were a few nudgings of the location logged in map maker, but I don't see an address change anywhere, and the records go all the way back to April 2015. When did that address change happen? Am I right in thinking you updated the address in the original GMB profile instead of creating a second one and marking the first one moved?

My dutch isn't nearly so good as my German (though I did learn a bit from a friend that stayed with us for a few months, haha) but I noticed there's no schema on the site, or embedded map anywhere. I don't know anything about the citation landscape in the Netherlands so I can't comment on that, but if you're sure you hit all the mission critical citation sites and updated them all (and double checked for duplicates) then it might just be a temporary thing if you switched it in the last few weeks. When'd you switch it, and did you switch it in the dashboard or make a new profile?
Re: Company moved, still visible at old adress

Hey James,

Thanks for your reply!

You're right, I was unclear. The company moved quite a long time ago. I've only worked on this case for some time and found out about the old address while doing some citation research. I'm pretty sure they updated the account to the new address.

The thing I find odd is that when you search for the old address in Google Maps (which is Rietwijkerstraat 10, Amsterdam), the GMB page of the company is still visible. I'd think it shouldn't show the GMB page at all at that address.

And I find it odd that it's ranking locally 150+`for the main KW, while it's ranking 10/11 organically. I know it needs more work (reviews, citations etc.) but the difference is pretty big :confused:.

Thanks for pointing out the lack of schema and embedded map by the way, I'm trying to have that fixed :).

Any thoughts?
Re: Company moved, still visible at old adress


Since there is only 1 page did the owner update his address via the GMB dashboard when he moved? If so, it seems completely typical for the page to show when you search the old address since that data was associated with that listing for a period of time.

As long as the listing itself shows the correct address and driving directions are correct I wouldn't be concerned.
Hi Joy,

Thanks for replying!

I found out the owner did indeed change the address in the GMB account.

It's the first time I've seen an updated listing showing at an old address, but I guess there's nothing to worry about. GMB support told me not too worry as well, but you can't be too sure with those guys ;). Thanks for your help Joy and James! :)
Whoops, didn't see Joy responded. Editing out my post. I agree with Joy, the address showing the business is a red herring, I'd recommend focusing on review building, the website updates, and finding and cleaning up any 3rd party citations (if any). Good luck!

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