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Jul 26, 2012
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Looking for some feedback about Google showing nearby competitors posts in a carousel inside the business owners GMB dashboard.

I handle hundreds of GMBs most of them are car dealers and lately have been handling more and more Google posts.

The image below shows a competitor post carousel in the GMB dashboard which in my opinion has no real value since I am the only person seeing it (steal a few post ideas maybe). For businesses that handle their own GMBs it may be a way for Google to encourage them to post more by showing their competition is doing it.

It shows the competition posts with most recent first and gives miles away from the business logged into their dashboard.

Is Google planning on adding this to live listings and knowledge panels?

My thinking is that we may soon see this carousel go live on business knowledge panels and Maps listings. It may be another way for Google keep searchers on Google as they look for coupons and specials. Possibly under the Posts or near the People also search for area.

After looking at it carefully it makes sense that people might want to scroll through the post carousel to look for other coupons and offers in their area.

Anyone have any thoughts or heard any rumors about the competitors post carousel and why Google is currently running it inside the GMB dashboard?

Inside Dashboard of Car Dealer in Tampa

Inside Dashboard of Car Dealer in Jacksonville FL


I believe their goal is just what you mentioned - they want to encourage businesses to post more. Mentioning that a competitor is doing it generally gets business owners' attention. I don't believe they have any intention of showing a competitor's post in the Knowledge Panel. I could be wrong since I can't predict the future but based on everything I've seen pushed lately for Posts I'd say it's very unlikely.

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