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Jun 28, 2012
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Dan over at Local SEO Guide posted a great Local SEO Audit Template that you can copy, edit, enhance and use as your own.

<a href="">An Agency Client Started Using This Local SEO Audit Template And You'll Never Guess What Happened Next - Local SEO Guide</a>

Their clients’ local and organic search rankings and traffic started going up

Seriously though, earlier this week I presented this talk at the fantastic State of Search conference in Dallas. One of the things I tried to stress is the importance of a diversified SEO strategy for local clients. Here at Local SEO Guide, that always begins with an audit.

It’s the guiding document for the earlier part of our engagements and almost always surfaces quick wins for both us and the client.

I think it's excellent all the way around and especially good as far as a technical site audit.
But felt it was a little light on the G+ L side so added these things that should be checked.

I think checking the GMB info below is important enough to have it’s own tab.
So maybe a tab for GMB and then the Local Ecosystem is for issues outside GMB.

1) Check to be sure address in dash matches address on live listing.

2) Check to be sure address on listing properly resolves on G maps.

3) Check location of map marker by comparing with address search in G maps.

4) Do citation research to be sure name is correct. (Often KW stuffed or inaccurate)

5) Check description for GEO and KW repetition which can cause blend penalty. (Drop out of pack.)

6) Check for GMB violations like hidden address if SAB, multiple locations if SAB, virtual office locations, etc.

So feel free to add those checks to your copy if you like.

Head over to read Dan's post and grab the template!

Great stuff! Thanks Dan!

What do you think?

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Thanks Linda! I added a couple of points about Google My business that cover a lot of what yours get at, and also added an Apple Maps check.

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