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Feb 1, 2013
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Am I on the right track here? I've searched over a dozen posts on multi-location but still not confident I'm on the right track. Can you please advise if this is the correct approach? (I would offer the actual AcmeLLC URL's, NAP's, etc, but their current online NAP identities are currently so confuddled I think it would just confuse you.)

We have a single enterprise, AcmeLLC, in two towns: Town1 and Town2. AcmeLLC operates a retail store front in both Towns. Separately, AcmeLLC operates a service-area business, AcmeConsulting, that serves many more Towns, and also who's Address is in the same building as the Town1 retail store, but with a different Suite#, and a different Phone number.

My question is, specific details on how to register these three in GYBO/Maps.

This post addresses a service-area business associated with multiple storefront retail businesses.

I've read many other multi-location posts on the Forum. For example, in this post Citations for multi-locations Linda advises: "the business name is always whatever the real business name is.​"

But "real business name" is somewhat fungible for me. For example, my prior client, AZ St Univ in Tempe, AZ (Google Maps CID=#7380961630776733747) has a different name, "West Campus-ASU" (CID=#14857680985714674109), in separately incorporated Glendale, AZ. However, I know that "ASU" is a single enterprise with a single Board, a single legal incorporation, a single State Appropriation, and a single overall accreditation.

To be detailed-specific, would the following GYBO registrations be correct for my current client, AcmeLLC?

Register all three under one Google account,, SMS Phone # (zzz)zzz-zzzz.

Retail Store-1
N: "AcmeRetail" (i.e., omit the "-Town1 modifier from Name)
A: Suite 100, Town1
P: www.www.wwww

Retail Store-2:
N: "AcmeRetail"
A: Town2

Consulting Business (service area business)
N: "AcmeConsulting"
A: Suite 200, Town1
P: zzz.zzz.zzzz (same Phone # as registering Google Account).

Sorry if this is just to detailed/anal. But, alas, I am trained as an engineer...can't help it.

Thank you for any guidance.
Hi Lee,

Sorry no time to answer in detail now, just wanted to say not sure why you would start in GYBO or Maps. Consultants should always start new listings in Google My Business.

Plus if the real name is Acme LLC then that's the name. It would be a violation to add Retail or Consulting to the name unless that's the name.

Plus depending on several factors the consulting business may not qualify for it's own listing. Would really need to know more, but from what you've said so far it probably doesn't.

Sorry can't add more right now but I'm sure others will weigh in.
Thank you, Linda. Sorry for the GMB, switch. I have been working in both realms, plus, a bit of a newb.
Gotcha. No worries! :)

I'll change title from GYBO to GMB though cuz I'm not sure you'll get the right eyeballs/answers otherwise.
Hi Lee,

Welcome to the wonderful world of Local!

For your two retail store locations I agree with your assessment providing the name is actually the name of the business :):

Retail Store-1
N: "AcmeRetail" (i.e., omit the "-Town1 modifier from Name)
A: Suite 100, Town1
P: www.www.wwww

Retail Store-2:
N: "AcmeRetail"
A: Town2

Definitely do not add descriptors of any sort to the names, such as towns or keywords.

For the consulting business - is it actually a completely different business to the retail stores (i.e they are clothing stores and the consulting business helps airports save costs) or is it just a different way of delivering the service (accountant shop fronts and an accountancy consulting business).

If it's the latter, then you can't have a separate listing for them - you can create a Brand page, but that's it.
I also wanted to add that Universities and Colleges have different rules. They are allowed to have listings for each department. I would suggest reading over Google's guidelines:

It will probably answer most questions you have.
another question that needs to be asked is, how many locations are you intending to add to the map? If it is over 10 you need to use google's bulk upload dashboard, if less than 10, they need to be setup one by one and verified individually, through the regular dashboard.

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