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Jun 28, 2012
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I'm sure all regulars know my right hand man here at the forum, Colan Nielsen from Imprezzio Marketing.

I have a very exciting announcement to make, but 1st a little history...

Colan became our 1st Top Contributor here at the forum in October of 2012. He quickly became my protege and started growing into my right hand man.

Shortly thereafter in February 2013 I promoted Colan to moderator here at this forum. Soon, I almost felt like I had a clone, because he would answer almost every question here at the forum just the way I would and helped take a lot of work off my shoulders. (I've always wanted a clone, thanks Colan!) ;)

In addition to posting here and helping everyone at the Local Search Forum, Colan has been really active at the Google and your Business forum and has been working his way up the ranks over there.

February 2014 Colan earned his stripes and became a "Rising Star" at the Google forum which is the 1st step toward becoming a TC. I have been hoping he'd get promoted to TC for awhile now, because he works hard over there and with over 1100 posts, he deserves it!

I am happy and proud to announce... drum roll pa-lease...
Colan is now a Google Top Contributor!

<a href=""><img title="Google top contributor" src="" alt="Google top contributor" height="66" width="122"></a>

So Colan has joined the elite ranks and is one of only 9 Google and your Business TCs in the world.
What an accomplishment!

FYI, back in Sept of 2012 I started recommending to Google they promote Joy Hawkins (Colan's manager) to TC - and she became one in Nov 12. So now Imprezzio Marketing is the only Local Search company out there with 2 Google TCs on the team.

I knew Colan's promotion was coming, but it just became official last Friday, so I wanted to share the news with all of you. Way to go Colan and job well done!

Please join me in congratulating Colan!
Awesome! Congrats Colan! You're a local search question answering machine!

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Yay Colan!! I think I might be the only person that is more proud of you than Linda :p
Thank you everyone!

Thank you Linda for all your support over the years :)

Linda, love the bio, you are way too kind :)
Oh I should point out. I always call Colan my right hand man, but he is just one of them.
He's my FRONT man.

David is my right hand man BEHIND the scenes, doing all the heavy lifting and tech stuff to keep this place running in tip top shape!
Congrats Colan.

I've been learning lots from your answers in the Google forum - thanks for putting yourself out there every day to help everyone!

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