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Dec 13, 2016
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I had an interaction with another SEO professional who indicated that adding content to the Google About Me page ( for a location with a local listing can help boost the listing in Maps. This logically makes sense but I was wondering if anyone else has done any testing on it to see how strong of an effect, if any, this can have on a listing?

It's fairly convoluted to get to the About Me page for each location and we manage too many listings to make that a regular part of our work flow. I'm interested in using it as a tool to target underperforming locations.
I think this would be fairly difficult to test. There are so many factors contributing, how do you know it wasn't another inbound link from a respectable source, or some onsite changes that affected the boost?

I think it could help the website with indexing, since you're establishing another high value reference point (since it is Google's product). Providing proof that content on this type of page provides some sort of boost would be tough to argue.
The only think I see for local businesses is the "Story" - which does index as the About section on the location's Google+ page (which links back to the entry).

If you have an active campaign to improve the influence score of the location's corresponding Google+ profile through postings, collections, etc it might have some effect. The content is definitely indexed. But it would be a challenge to isolate that influence, and its a lot of work when there may be lower-hanging SEO fruit. I would test it using some keywords in the Story that you didn't use elsewhere.


Yes, I think I'll save it for clients who are really struggling or want to target a certain area of their business. Thanks for all the feedback!!:D

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