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Aug 6, 2020
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I have had good success creating Local Landing pages for clients, getting them to show up in Local Searches outside their general area near their address.

But I was hoping to see experience by marketers in which map to embed in the landing page, I've seen all and tried some. I don't have enough clients or traffic in any given client to do a test that's going to lead to significant results, but I'm going to start screwing around anyway. Here are the three options I'm considering:
  • GMB listing map (for example, business is in Lexington, but local landing page is referencing Louisville to generate traffic from that location, so just embed the regular GMB listing as is)
  • Directions from city center of landing page focus to address (for example, directions from Louisville to GMB listed address in Lexington)
  • City center map for landing page focus (for example, just Louisville, even though the actual business is in Lexington)
Let me know if you have results with each approach, I've seen all but not tried all, and I just don't think my experiment would have enough data to form a conclusion.
@coachmarino, there's no possible or realistic way to test which kind of map is best. Partly because every client (or location, for a multi-location client) is different, and partly because in any good local SEO campaign many things change at once - lots of dust flying.

But I'd go with #1 (the map that shows the business's GMB page).

I agree with Phil, on the condition that the GMB listing has good reviews since the stars will display.

You can still write out some driving directions on the page as well.
Are you talking about a service area business?

My area doesn’t have a major city, just a lot of towns next to each other. So I use town-based landing pages to generate traffic from the organic the listing in Google.

I only have a map on my website’s “service area” page which highlights the towns that we serve. I didn’t think a map should be on each landing page. I wonder if adding one to each page would help...?
@DontBiteUrNails I generally work with brick-and-mortar's for this, who just want to show up in searches outside their immediate area. I generally have success, but I've seen different strategies. A big marketing company just embeds the city page. For example their company might be in Lexington, but they'll just embed a map of Louisville in the Louisville landing page. I don't know if that tactic is working. But they're a big company so they might have some data.

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