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Mar 9, 2017
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So my largest client is a medical spa. They have always ranked 1-3 for the major keywords organic and local. About a year ago, a large medical practice started to open numerous GMB locations that are keyword targeted to the most profitable services. Imagine "Dr. Breast Implant". All of these listings are suite -01, -02, -03, -04, -05. I have made numerous spam complaints in the past 4 months, 1 listing was removed, which was using my client's exact name, but turned around.

The rest of the listings remain and are impacting my clients business, as well as his relationship with me. I flat out can not outrank Dr. keyword in the 3 pack. He also questions why this doctor is using this tactic, making MILLIONS, but I refuse to do so. He feels I should have "connection to handle the situation or find someone who does."

Each doorway site is done VERY well, with amazing deep, unique content. But the connection is immediately clear. Each site is ranking off similar pbn's as well.

After some digging turns out that that the doc's daughter runs a nice size SEO company.

I explained to my client that the doctor "COULD" have legitimate suites and business's set up separately, thus skirting the Google rules. However, I decided to drive to the location when I was in town to see what was going on.

So I arrive at this VERY plus high-end office building looking for "Dr. Breast Implant' suite "302". Of course, one suite exists for the entire operation, suite 300. I said I was looking for suite "302" and"Dr. breast enhancement" and the ladies at front desk laughed and said it is not real businesses just for google, everything runs thru the main practice. I took photos of all the signage on the floor, elevator, and lobby signage board that shows only suite 300 and none of the fictitious businesses.

So here I am, asking for help. I have no problem paying for an hour of someone's time that can handle assist in handling the situation. My contract is up for renewal soon with my client and I feel I could lose him if I do not handle this.
Joy wrote a great guide on what kind of data to organize for spam submissions, you can read it here, as well as where to submit edits. If you're looking at a larger spam ring though, you can organize all the data and get me or another TC to escalate on the GMB help forum. Good luck! I know it's frustrating dealing with a cheating competitor, but I honestly offer proactive spam hunting as part of my service for all my clients. Seeing who's winning and why, and jumping in to 'even the playing field' can be a great way to shore up respect and authority. Sounds like you're playing catch up, but if you can get all the fake listings suspended (and possibly the real listing along with it given how Google does things sometimes) you should be in a good spot for the renewal. Good luck!

For what it's worth, seeing some of the incredible advancements Google's AI division in other areas (Alpha Go, walking and robotics, machine vision, etc.) I'm convinced we're going to see some radically more sophisticated anti-spam algorithms hitting local in the next 2~3 years. For now we've got to do our due diligence on the ground, but I'm honestly optimistic for the prospects of people like us doing white-hate SEO, and our relative skillset compared to spammers like the one you're up against.
Hey there.

I did a webinar recently with Conrad Saam about spam and he made a really smart statement. Basically he said that when it comes to removing spam it's something that is very hard to do for people that don't have a long history of doing it because your profile has basically no authority or trust so most of your edits just pend forever.

If it's a case where spam is outranking your client and it's going to really make a big impact on their bottom line if you get rid of it, I would suggest hiring someone to help if you're not getting anywhere on your own and time is pressing (sounds like it is).

I'd be happy to give you a quote if you want to shoot me an email (joy [at]

From what you described this seems like something that should be easy to get rid of but if you send me the specific listings you're referring to I can give you a better idea.

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