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Sep 16, 2016
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Hey everyone! I hope all is well...

Just a quick question as I have had two people tell me 2 different things, imagine that :)

Question is:

As long as my GMB pages are optimized with my location pages on my site, is it ok to have crawable NAP on other pages of your website. For example, home page, directions page, contact page etc?

Thanks for all your help!

I always put crawlable NAP on every page, unless it's a multi-location business. At the very least, an obvious phone number should be easily visible on every page, even just from a usability standpoint. If it's a multi-location business, I put the NAP on every page associated with a particular facility. So if there's 3 or 4 pages per cluster of pages for each location, I have the NAP on each of them. Especially the contact page, that's basically what that page is for even.

I don't know that it's necessarily a huge ranking boost to put the NAP on each page, but why wouldn't you? It definitely won't count against you. Where did you hear otherwise?
GMB page, location/category page, contact page, home page for example are all part of the cluster correct?

For each individual location we have a cluster of pages.

From a UX/common sense standpoint I want to put them there anyway I just wanted to be sure it wouldn?t hurt my client in anyway.

I?ve never had a mentor or any training so I wasn?t 100% sure on the multiple part.

This forum's a good place to hang out then, there's a lot to learn, and it changes fast. It's where I've learned a lot of what I know too. But yes, use the NAP on all pages associated with a location.
If you have a cluster of pages just make sure they are organized into a folder and you should be good. Ex:, If you do list all the locations on the contact page, use an internal link on the city name pointing back to the city page ( I would avoid listing anything in the footer for multi-location businesses.
Would you expand on that just a bit, please, Joy? Thanks!
Let's say you have location in Dallas and a location in Houston. Having both in the footer of the site would cause them both to appear on every page of the site. It increases the chance that Google could mess it up since even your Dallas location page would list the contact info for Houston in the footer. I just find it's better not to confuse Google as we have seen tons of cases where Google auto updates a GMB listing wrong based on info they scraped off the website (see:

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