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Jul 27, 2012
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Hi All

So many different permutations and I'm having a senior moment!

I have a client who is still on the old Google Places dashboard. They have four listings for separate locations but want to suspend/delete two of those locations.

A couple of months ago, I deleted both from the map and just left them on the dashboard as suspended.

Neither is currently showing in maps.

However, there are citations out there for at least one of these two addresses.

Is the current advice to delete them both from the dashboard as well? Or should I wait until I get the new dashboard to be sure that the new rules apply?

Hi Jo,

What is the reason for and desired outcome of suspending the listings?

The reason I ask is because selecting the option to suspend a listing in the old dashboard doesn't really accomplish anything anymore these days and can actually cause problems depending on the situation.

So if these are just old locations that no longer are in service they need to be removed from the dashboard and marked as closed.
Thanks Colan

The business no longer operates at those addresses.

But since they have been suspended for a few weeks now on the old Places dashboard and no longer show in maps I am not sure how to mark them as closed.

I'm also curious about how others deal with situations like this. The client paid for the situation to be dealt with. And it was - under the old rules. And the listings are not currently showing.

It's very hard to go back to the client and say you need to pay me more money because I have to go into the dashboard and do some more work because Google have changed their minds on the best way to do this now and the listings which are not showing now may go live again in the future... :(

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