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Dec 18, 2012
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Is there any research or data regarding the clicks on G+ Business listings in the map section, compared to organic clicks?

I want to be able to present some accurate data to my prospective clients.
Thanks Colan!

This is so confusing.

There are google+ local pages. Google+ Business pages. And Maps.

Am I missing something or is 3 separate items?

Also, what is the easiest way to find if a business has a google business page? Not local. A page for their business in google+?
Hi Mike,

Let me see if I can help by sharing some examples:

Google+ Profile - (this is for people)

Google+ Local page (AKA, Google Places) (verified) - (this is for local businesses that make in-person contact with customers.

Google+ Local page (AKA, Google Places) (unverified) - (this is a local page that hasn't been verified)

Google+ Brand Page - (This is for brands, musicians...etc.)

ALL of these pages are managed in what's called "Google My Business". This is the name for the dashboard where the listings are managed and edited.

Does that help?
Yes, why does google make it so dang confusing? Especially for the poor business owner.

Really does not make sense, and again, why I'm not a big fan of google.


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