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Oct 30, 2015
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My customer wants to rank for the following key words:

"Contact customer name"

Sounds a bit simplistic but does anyone have guidance on how best to go about achieving this?
I'd optimize their contact us page for that phrase.
Thank you Joy. Any "specifics" ("How To's") on exactly how to advise them to "optimize their contact us page for the phrase "contact us"
I'd make sure that keyword is at the front of the title tag along with other onsite optimization practices.

One more question on this subject. The customer is wanting (rank-wise) the following:

Like to change the rankings to display:

1. Website (first) and then.....

2. Phone number
I'm not 100% sure I'm understanding what you're asking.

When you get a breather check with Nikki...she has more detailed info on this issue that will help clarify...Thanx!
@jrobbins - I know Nikki mentioned you sent an email about an issue but I am afraid that's a little outside the scope of what we can do here on the forum. The forum is designed to be a really awesome free resource for people to learn about SEO but to keep it running properly, we don't do any type of private consulting on threads. I keep private consulting strictly for clients :) If you want to clarify anything publicly on this thread, we'd be more than happy to offer advice as has been done thusfar.

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