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Jul 18, 2018
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Hi Experts,

I am wondering if anyone knows the UK data aggregator sites who would let us add our business listings ourselves. We have about 60 branches to add and I don't want the huge expense of having to go through a 3rd party citation service when we can do it ourselves.

We have done the Yell & Yelp directories ourselves but I was under the impression they all get their data from the same source, so If I could add it to the source, then it should filter down to everywhere for free.

I think the most prominent one in the UK is GetMeEverywhere
Hey @PeteC122,

The business data ecosystem in the UK is actually rather complicated. It doesn't have standing-out business data aggregators (the way it is for the US or Canada), or one major overarching player (like it is in Australia, and in most other countries in the world).

Many business directories receive data from government institutions - mainly Companies House and the Royal Mail. They also get business data from British Telecom. Additionally, there are companies that try and compile proprietary business data, such as 118 Information, Infobel, Central Index, and CityVisitor. You will want to get the business information rectified on (or submitted to) all of these data sources before proceeding with the rest of the important business directories.

Note that rectifying data in the source doesn't mean it will get rectified at the end destination. In most cases, a second record will get created at the end business directory, instead of having the old record update itself automatically. Thus, you will have to manually go through at least the most important business directories, and update them. Rectifying business data at the sources only ensures that this incorrect data will not crop up anymore once you have done a thorough clean-up. I would suggest you tackle the following business directories (besides Yell and Yelp) once you've fixed the sources:

Scoot (it's a network of sites, you just need to fix Scoot itself)

As well as Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Bing Maps of course.

I hope this helps!

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