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Mar 5, 2013
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Good Afternoon,

I am struggling to figure out how to delete listings that are claimed in the new Google Places dashboard, and also wondering if it's still possible to do the old merge trick with multiple listings in one dashboard when you want them all to merge into one. If merging isn't possible, I definitely need to figure out how to delete a listing out of an account that has merged to the new Google Places dashboard. I accidentally tried editing one that ended up being the wrong listing for the account, and now I want it out. Does anyone have any clue? I don't see a "delete" button anywhere that gives you these options.

Thank you!
Hi Alana,

There should be a Report problems with this listing link if you scroll to the bottom of the dashboard when looking at the listing you want to remove.

From there you can submit a report and make sure to check the box that states -
I no longer want this business listing to be verified in my dashboard

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Here's a great post about it -
No Alana the old merge trick no longer works plus it's a violation to have the listing claimed in multiple dashboards, so you need to get it out of all but 1.

Google has been moving things around in the help menus. Alternately if what Colan suggested does not give you the option to select "I no longer want this business listing to be verified in my dashboard" then go to top right, click contact us, incorrect info and then that option should be the last one.

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