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Jun 11, 2016
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We have noticed a slow down in call volume since the beginning of the month, so I ran some of our key word searches to see how we are ranking in Places.

We are ranked in places when you search "Bentonville divorce lawyer", but we are not ranked when you search "Bentonville divorce lawyers". We also do not show up in places in several other attorney searches.

Our organic search rankings are good. We formed the business in mid-February. On May 1st we moved to a larger location down the street. We also got a new phone number.

Garrett and Penhallegon, Attorneys at Law, PLLC
100 SW 14th St., Ste. 2,
Bentonville, AR 72712
(479) 544-9060​t

I have contacted google. Their advice was to sign up for adwords... We did:cool:. I also signed up for yext to correct our address issues. Is there something I am missing?

We would appreciate any guidance in getting back in the place rankings.
Signing up to Adwords will not improve your ranking directly. But you will have ads now, so you'll get more calls via these ads which will show on top. You will also be charged for these calls and clicks but organically your rank will not move up. Of course over time if your ads generate enough traffic your page will automatically be ranked higher by google.

If you had incorrect data, yext should help you resolve that you should see a small uptick in your ranking (but only if your business was listed inaccurately or had duplicates in the first place). Also ensure that your duplicate listings are actually removed and inaccurate ones fixed. Yext should also place you on several more directories that you weren't on before. Ensure your data is correct everywhere.

There's a bunch of other things you can do to increase your ranking such as making sure your on page SEO is correct . Refer here On-Page SEO: Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page

And since the idea is to get call, make your call to action buttons(in your case your phone number and maybe your review buttons )more highlighted. I see that you have added a call now button to your FB page, thats good. Getting reviews would be a great way to move up in the rankings. Ask your current customers to review, maybe send them an email with a review handout. Here's a review handout generator to help you out with that.

I see that you're not very socially active either. Maybe post more relevant stuff to Facebook consistently. Follow the right influencers on twitter and start by re-tweeting their stuff and at the same time start tweeting and helping others. Create engagement on your social media channels.

Hope that helps.
Thanks for the reply Rahul. I have added a contact form to our website, and will try to engage more on social media.

I guess the most troubling part to me is how we show up in one search but not the other. When googling "Bentonville divorce lawyers" we are the third organic result under avvo and justia, but do not appear on the map unless you zoom directly into our building. If you search "Bentonville divorce lawyer" we appear on the map in the fourth position. Do you have any idea why the disparity in the two searches?

I truly appreciate your insights.

Did you change your domain name too? Google used to have as the site.

I wouldn't be surprised if your ranking declines when you move, change your phone # and website address. Those are a lot of major changes!

You should also update everywhere that links to your old domain so you don't lose link juice. Yext won't cover all the niche sites and here are a couple I found that still link to the old site:

Earl J. Garrett - Attorney Search | Lawyer Finder | Find a Lawyer
Earl Garrett | Bentonville, AR Family Law Attorney | LawDeeDa

I would also make sure you do everything I listed here.
Thank you Joy. We did change our domain. Initially we changed to then wordpress automatically changed us to an https site after that. So we have actually had two changes. I have tried to go through and correct all of the attorney directories. Some of them seem to make it impossible to change information. We were still ranking well after the changes, maybe it just took a while for google to catch up to us?

I appreciate you taking the time to look.



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