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Dec 12, 2013
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Hey all,

Just wanted to ask this relatively simple question:

I have a client in a city that I am not located in, and I want to check the rankings. I have noticed that when I use the moz toolbar and have it emulate a GEO location, the results are different than if I put in that location into my query.

1. Is this what everyone else sees? That 'orthodontist, Orlando, FL' is different than "orthodontist" while in Orlando (or if the query has &near=Orlando appended to it)

2. If the results vary, and it does appear that they do, what is the most common user behavior? Is "orthodontist" most common, or is it "Orthodontist, city name"
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Re: Difference btwn "Orthodontist Orlando, FL" and searching "Orthodontist" in Orland

TONS more search for KW only than KW City or City KW.

But the algo is TOTALLY different so that's why you see different results.

If you want to check it more directly and don't want to have to worry about whether Moz or geo located search is correct or not...

Set location to your own location and do a couple common searches, like for Dentist and plumber - with and without city and track the differences.

I have the "with city" algo figured out. But have never figured out the KW only algo.

I really should since it's more important and more consumers search that way. It's just that most consultants search for and track City KW, so that's kind of what I've always focused on.

If I had time for a new project that would be it!

But alas... with the new GMB advanced training course hounding me, I have time for nothing else.

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