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Mar 25, 2014
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Apologies if this has been posted already - I'm just catching up on some of the latest posts in my feedly queue and spotted this one from The SEM Post:

Google Showing Third Party Reviews in Local Map Results
Google is displaying reviews from select third party review sites in their local knowledge panels that appear in the maps results.

I have to admit, I can't replicate this in Australia but that's not unusual - it does take a very long time for those 1s and 0s to make it all the way down here! All I see are the usual listings for a hotel: amenities; booking option; summary of reviews.

So I was wondering if anyone in the continental U.S / Canada can replicate the results? I think the property in question is "Hilton London Tower Bridge" - judging by the highlighted reviews at any rate.

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That's pretty cool! Is it only for hotels?
I just did a search (Portland, OR) and didn't see it, either in the organic knowledge panel or in the maps business info. So... maybe the 1s and 0s haven't hit very many places yet at all, could just be a limited test, like the article suggested. Given that the 3rd party review sites were exclusively for hotels (Google already pulled rate information from those sites) my guess is even for those who are seeing these results, it's only for hotels.

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