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Oct 13, 2017
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We're a Maps Data Partner but as usual, I get totally stonewalled when asked. Below is what we're guesstimating at. In the spirit of shining a brighter torch on Apple Maps for the good of our industry, I would be keen to learn if anyone else has numbers/insights they'd be willing to share?

Statistica says 23.3M US but that seems low when Comscore reports iOS has 51% market share in US.
Apple Maps is no longer in Comscore's top 15 mobile apps (Apple News is #12 FYI) which makes me think Apple Maps has less users than #15 Spotify's 28.5M.

THEN, using PEW Research I learn 81% of US adults have smartphones. Using census estimates from the US government, that's approx 233M people with smartphones. 51% of those are on iOS so 119M at least have the Maps app pre-baked into their phones. But 20-25% actually use it?? 🤔

THEN, all this seems contrary to Apple's previously shared nugget that iOS users user Apple Maps 3X more than their 'next leading competitor' (no prizes for guessing who that is).

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