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May 19, 2016
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Hi there

I have been approached my a potential client who runs his own dog walking business. He is trying to cover his own location as well as a couple of surrounding areas. the equivalent of his brick and mortar store would be his personal address.

Is it ok to create a GMB profile using his personal address?

The nature of the business means he would need to cover multiple locations but I can only create 1 GMB for his main address, what is the likelihood of him showing up in search results in neighbouring areas. I was thinking of creating a page for each location he wants to cover (within a reasonable radius).

Any help would be very welcome
Many thanks
Yes, you can, and should use the home address. In the dashboard you can set a service area and hide the address.
If you attempt to create multiple listings they will probably all get suspended. I don't suggest doing that. Plus you would have to make up fake addresses and verify them. It's one of the things Google fights to get rid of and although it might work for a bit, it's a really risky long-term strategy as it could lead to removal of ALL the listings and reviews. It is unlikely that he would show up in the 3-pack for any town other than the one he is in so I would have an organic strategy + AdWords to target the other areas.
As Colan said, you need to be sure to set it right so address does not show, per Google guidelines.

1 page on site per location is a fine strategy for organic and as Joy said that's the only thing you can do to try to rank in the other areas, and/or use Adwords.

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