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Sep 25, 2017
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There is a lot of talk on this forum about locksmiths and their immoral tactics but in the UK one thing I have seen with regards to under handed SEO tactics is driving schools.

As far as I can tell, and I have spend the last few weeks doing some really detailed analysis, there is no way you can fairly compete in this space, ironically, my tests have shown it is very easy to beat the people currently ranking sites:

  • Using their own tactic back against them (they are not the best at what they are doing)
  • Targeting just one location and doing it the 100% white hat way (but you will only get traffic for the one location so in terms of traffic volume you are not even close

There is a company called Red Driving School in the UK and they have a page for each area, they have this under a “where to find us” guise which you can see here:

They have established a little authority for the site to that it can take a dose of low
quality spam links (say what you will about google improving or making things better, I know from my tests that the more high quality links a site has or the better its backlink profile the more it can tolerate low quality link and, where the low quality links are used in this manner they do help with ranking). They have then spammed exact match anchor links to the pages for each location:

Driving lessons London,
Driving lessons Sheffield,

In many cases they are now seen as such an authority that they appear in the #1 or #2 position which is even above the local listing.

They are getting SO much traffic from this. I doubt the driving school even understand the difference between the types of tactic in use and as they are in business for the money are likely delighted with the results.

I can easily outrank these guys using a similar site and a pbn as I have tested this on a small scale but as it stands the only way to really compete with this site would be to take the same approach as far as I can see it. It is far game as far as I am concerned and if someone was looking to outrank them I would suggest creating 1 “legit” site which is clean and designed to rank and last and a second site which would be created to take this more underhanded approach to get the traffic now so all bases are covered.

Is there any effective way to report thin content like these location pages which actually takes effect or is it a case for waiting for the algorithm to catch up?

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