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Jul 18, 2012
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My new client once hired a rather large marketing agency (rhymes with zodle) and they claimed the client's Google listing.

Typical of this agency, they listed the website URL to their PPC page, not the client's website.

The problem is that the client is still in the OLD Google Places dashboard, but the listing is the new G+ local listing.

I called Google and the rep said there's nothing they can do until the listing is upgraded to the new places dashboard. :confused: :confused:

I was a little taken back that this was his answer.

Anyone else have a similar issue?
Oh my-

I had the exact same problem with a client who funny enough we took over from that same company (rhymes with zodle) (lol). They created a second listing and even though the client did not verify it. When Google was upgrading, the client got a message saying their listing was blocked because it was a duplicate. I contacted Google and they said the same thing. Wait until it upgrades to the new dash. I checked their account daily, and called Google every other day for about a week. Then lo and behold, it was upgraded, I was able to log in and delete the duplicate.

Unfortunately, I don't think there is much you can do until the upgrade process gets completed. I don't know if bugging them helped or not. But I did it anyway. Not sure this info helps- but the upgrade should happen they told me within 2 weeks and it actually got upgraded sooner than that.

Was the account that you were trying to claim the listing in under an e-mail on the business domain? That REALLY helps in these situations.

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