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Aug 22, 2017
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In an interesting case, Google gave instructions to mark a duplicate Permanently Closed and they will merge but are now going against their word and refusing the merge because they claim the duplicate listing was created entirely for a different entity, the doctors name specifically. The doctor is the Founder and does not wish to promote herself by her name, but more so the clinic.

Google's reply is that they cannot merge in what I assume was a Business Name change initially, likely done by the doctor. Each listing has 20+ reviews and is absolutely horrible to lose any reviews.

Here's their recent reply and our reply back - They responded again with a no but don't know what else to do.

Anyone have suggestions?
So unfortuantely what they're saying is correct. Google won't merge a practitioner & practice listing unless there is only one doctor at the practice.

You should be able to make the most of both listings by using different categories on them.
Thanks for the reply, Joy.

Even if way back when the business name of the practitioner listing was modified to be the clinic's business name?

Since they had us mark it as temporarily closed, we now have to go through the process of locating the closed listing and claiming it again :(
Yeah so that's the problem with modifying the name, Google will look back to the original state of the listing and determine that it is a practitioner listing and not a practice listing. Technically you're not supposed to modify the name of a listing in that fashion.

If you marked it as temporarily closed, it shouldn't remove your access to the listing - you should still have it in the GMB dashboard if you claimed it previously.
Thanks for the help, Joy.

It's in the dashboard but requires verification. Thankfully we have the easy options for verification.

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