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Jan 24, 2020
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About 10 years ago I made a website for my plumbing company and wrote 3 paragraphs for the homepage that I was very proud of, since I am horrible at writing. They spelled out what my company does and where and explained our mindset on service. Many friends and family complimented me on that page.

As I started registering on listings and social media, I used these 3 paragraphs (or 1 of them when limited in space) in the description. Yelp, Facebook, everywhere. I also used these 3 paragraphs in Google My Business. Now years later I realize that this was probably a bad idea due to duplicate text. So my question is, should I change any of it or just leave it?

I know the easy answer is to change it, but if I try to change it I fear that I will not be able to come up with different writing to say the same thing, and it will look bad to actual customers who read it. What do you pro’s think?

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