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No Mike, that's a totally different topic. The new Maps which most don't have yet is tricky and that's regarding the new Maps.

But in general searching maps for phone# is only 1st step. They may have dupes out there with tracking #s or old # or some scraped bogus # the owner is not even aware of. So you should also search maps for shortest version of their name + city. But then it could be some different version of name with a tracking #. So also should check for primary category, street address (no suite) and city. Doing all 3 should flush out any potential issues.

So they have 2 G+ local it looks like, one with a tracking number, same address, the other with the business number and address.

So am I to assume we need to get them to delete the tracking (dup) listing then? I'm guessing for sure, but wanted to make sure.

And, what if they say they didn't create it and don't know the login? Reclaim it?

No never claim dupes. It's a violation to have more than one claimed.

And can't really delete from maps anymore from dashboard either. I mean the setting exists but it won't really delete it from Maps if there are citations out there for it.

If claimed they need to delete from account. Then use report a problem right on the live listing and report as duplicate. (Same thing if not claimed, report a problem.)

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