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Jan 3, 2020
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I want to confirm a business that is a "supplier" is eligible for a GBP. It does not have a local factory, its office isn't open to the public, and its clients are their distributors.

Initially, I thought it wouldn't be eligible, but I notice quite a few GBP categories that are "suppliers" that typically don't have contact with the end customer, but a distributor. For instance:

Safety Equipment Supplier​
Solar Energy Equipment Supplier​
X-ray Equipment Supplier​
Scientific Equipment Supplier​

Would this be one of the exceptions since there is a category for them, they are eligible for a GBP?

Thank you!
They can have a GPB and use corporate office as the category. I don't think this would be a great use of GBP as it would have negative impacts on their performance since GPB is for local businesses and not nationwide suppliers.
Thanks, Jason! Is this still OK if they show Corporate Office as the category and continue to show it as a SAB since the office is not open to the public?

I told them GBP isn't a good option for them since they aren't a local business. My objective is to hopefully help them keep profile since it's there with reviews, but not focus on it in the future.
I wouldn't touch it at all. Changing the category and hiding the address can lead to suspension.
OK, however it is already a SAB - I think that's how they set it up a few years ago. Biggest problem I see is that the service area they set is basically the entire globe......:rolleyes:
One of 4 things can happen anytime you edit any of the following fields; Name, address, category, Service Area, Phone, and website.
1. Automatically excepted
2. Pending review
3. Require to be verified by pin
4. Suspended business profile.

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