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Sep 3, 2014
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One of my clients just received an email from Google with the subject line, "Photos are missing from your [company name] listing on Google". The client forwarded it to me, and it turns out that while every one of their locations in GMB has photos, Google is now prodding them to enter many more photos in several categories:

Interior photos
Add at least 3 great interior photos to show customers what your business feels like inside.

Exterior photos
Add at least 3 great exterior photos to help customers recognize your business.

Photos at work
Add at least 3 photos that are representative of the services you offer.

Team photos
Add at least 3 photos showing your management team and your employees.

Additional photos
Add additional photos of your business that don't fit in any of the other categories.​

Is this a sign of some new initiative from Google? It's going to annoy my clients and they're going to wonder whether I have overlooked doing something for them. Sheesh!
Thanks Linda, yes, I did see that.

Sometimes it feels a lot like trying to work with governmental agencies or politicians. That's not a good thing, by the way. :mad:
I have received two emails (for two different clients) from Google which say:
'Customers may be looking at an outdated photo on Google'
But I only put these photos up for these clients two months ago.
Seems to me like Google is either up to something or it has gotten something wrong again.

Either one is entirely possible.
I'm seeing other posts about changes in the way Google handles communication about images.

Here's a good one from Mike:
<a href="">Google Local Image Photos – Let’s Link Anywhere but Your Site</a>
Here's another from our Pro Community from Mike Blackmore.

<a href="">Hello Local Pro's - Need Some Help Please</a>

I have a client that is having competitor images appear in their photo carousel, it is being pulled in organically through a 3rd party website (DealerRater).
Thanks, Linda. I don't know what's going on with Google (who ever really does??) but it never hurts for us to post these questions / heads up notices here and elsewhere, if only to inform the community, right? ;)
I too have received one of these for a client. I also know that Google is getting more aggressive about selling photography services to SMB's, where they send a photog out to take pics of the inside of the office, outside, employees, etc. Then they're uploading/etc into your GMB page, too I think. They're operating through 3rd party photog's, but all in all, I think it's probably a good service for the average SMB who's not going to necessarily do something like this. But makes sense that if you receive this email, then receive a knock on the door for photography services...hmmm...
I don't mind it when Google stirs the pot and pokes the client "bear" if that ends up helping the client or producing more billable work for us, or best of all, both.

But when they just poke the bear for no apparent reason and then run and hide, it's a bit annoying. <sigh>

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