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Feb 5, 2013
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Linda I apologize ahead of time if I am posting this in the wrong area:confused:

Hi All,

I wanted to get some feedback on embedding maps on pages for a SAB's location page. I am slowly becoming more involved in the process of on-page local seo and as I have gone through a few of our pages I don't believe we have been utilizing the best practices when adding a map to our pages.

Here is an example of a page Spring, TX Electrician. Suggestions/tips on how to ensure a map has been embedded properly are greatly appreciated.

Typically our copywriters have been responsible for adding the map portion to the page but like I mentioned above, it looks like I will start taking on more responsibility when it comes to certain factors of on-page optimization.

Thanks in advance!
Hi Amber,

Yes that's not right as it's just a map of the area, no address or anything.

In the Advanced G+ Local training I give you a bonus that's actually from the On-site Local SEO training.

It teaches how to embed the map the right way so it counts as what I call a local hook.

Go to Private Pro forum >> Bonus training docs >> How to Embed a Google Map Right
I created a video because it's complicated and every time I tried to explain in training folks would get confused. Plus show example of how NOT to embed a map since most do it wrong.

But in the On-site Local SEO course I show an even more advanced map embed trick that can help with Local SEO. NO ONE know this trick unless they've taken the course and I only started sharing it lately.

My new course should be ready in the next couple weeks and you really need to take it if you'll be doing on-site. I teach the complete formula I used to take Dentist from #16 - 2 on average, plus other really advanced techniques hardly anyone knows about for Local SEO. Plus it includes an automated Local SEO template that uses my 7 "Local Hooks" and I give you complete training on how to use it.
Just realized you specified SAB.

If you mean SAB with hidden address, well that's tricky because A) they have no visible address on the listing. B) Based on how they set service area, their marker could be way off C) They don't usually want clients coming to them anyway.

So although I believe a map on contact us is important for Local SEO and doing it right can be a big plus, not sure what to do with address hidden on the place page. Guess you could create a generic map to the address, but if it's a home address the client may not want to do that - so you'd just need to skip the map.
Yes that looks better.

If your Q involves any of the stuff I talk about in training, best to ask in that training thread as I don't share some of the info out in public.

But in essence there would be no difference for SAB, the map would be generated the way I teach. Having said that, the code to your map looks not quite right.

I'd try it exactly the way I teach in the video and if it does not come out right then please ask in that thread in the Private forum. Also copy the code there or give link to the code page, because in looking at the source code on the site, I can't tell what's up.


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