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Jul 19, 2012
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I’m excited to introduce you to another sponsor of LocalU Dallas - the LSARankTracker from the folks at The Transparency Company. The LSA Rank Tracker was built to allow businesses to track the visibility and LSA review profiles for themselves and their top competitors in a specific market as frequently as every 5 minutes, depending upon your level of membership.

Not only can you see your LSA ranking for any given phrase by location - you can see the competitors that have LSA visibility ahead and behind you - allowing you to understand how many reviews, and what kind of work you need to do to compete.


Google admits clearly that ratings and the number of LSA reviews you have received matter in how your Local Services Ad is shown. Visibility and where you appear compared to competitors is an important factors in obtaining conversions on your Local Services ads. Knowing not only where YOU stand in any given market, for your important phrases is extremely important as you make determinations on the best locations and phrases to spend your budget on.

The LSA Rank Tracker offers the ability to track each of your categories by city/location - you’ll see a geogrid map of where your Local Services Ad is placed in that specific location - along with the ability to see a report that shows which competitors outrank you in that location for that category.

The Results Report will display the top competitors and the number of new reviews they have received this week. You can also observe the average ranking of these top competitors and the extent to which their ranking has increased over the week. This feature can assist you in evaluating the active marketing efforts of your competitors and empower you to adapt your marketing tactics and budgets accordingly.


There are multiple benefits to an account, including:
  • The ability to uncover competitor ad spend
  • See your percentage of LSA market share for any given market and category
  • See your LSA visibility via a highly visual geogrid chart
  • See the top 5 competitors in your market by keyword phrase - and their review profile

If you’re interested in expanding your LSA market analysis to the next level, we highly encourage you to check out the 7-day free trial (no credit card required.) Learn more by visiting today!
I wasn't aware that LSA was in non-english languages, if it is - show me the keyword/language and we can easily accomodate you.

Ah, I thought this was a normal ranker that just happened to handle the LSA format too (we do get the LSA display, which is quite annoying because you can't target profiles with user edits in that view...). A normal rank-tracker with fully-customized grids like that would still be amazing.

We use local falcon at work, but we'd jump ship instantly for anything that can handle rank tracking with Google in French
I have never used any of their services, but the free trial onboarding is not doing them any favours to get new customers I don't think:

I have never used any of their services, but the free trial onboarding is not doing them any favours to get new customers I don't think:

Thanks for the feedback!

I'll be sure to add some video's to the tutorial, and have some members add some helpful words in the forum. Very helpful.

We recently got all the bugs out so things are working FAST!

Google limits the LSA results to top 20, so if your clients not on there - you can delete the keyword and try again at a later time. None of our premium clients had ever had this issue.

Happy to solve it, if you want to schedule a call. We're pretty friendly here.

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